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Phloem is an exploration of the aesthetic possibilities created when a simple model of self-organisation at the edge of chaos is coupled with simulated fluid physics. Each point has simulated physics, including mass, velocity, acceleration and friction, and is connected to several other points via attractive or repulsive physical forces. Consequently all points are both influenced by and influence each other in a network of self-referring relationships.

The bevaviour of the network as a whole depends on the balance between the physical nature of the points and the number and type of relationships between them. By varying these, a wide range of behaviours can be found. At one extreme, the network does nothing, and is frozen into a cluster of little activity. At the other extreme, points move in a highly random and incoherent way, or fly off the screen completely. In the middle of these extremes, however, are behaviours in the edge of chaos regime, as shown in these four examples.

These results are, I believe, a first step towards verifying my hypotheses. The abstract organic quality suggested by these dynamic forms confirm to me the validity of the idea that organic form and process relate to self-organising networks in a fluid, edge of chaos regime.