Leaf and City


These images show a striking similarity in form. How, if at all, can this similarity be accounted for? Is this just a coincidence or does it suggest a profound, deeper truth? Current orthodox scientific thinking would dismiss this idea. The form of a plant is the product of morphogenesis, a process entirely explained by the workings of genes. A city, however, is shaped by people with minds and subjective experience and therefore accounting for its form isn't even considered to be part of any real science. Yet both a leaf and city are very real physical forms that exist in the world. Not only do they share this similarity of form, but similarities also of process and functionality. Within the arteries of a plant is a constant flow of chemical matter. This undergoes changes of form via exchanges of energy forming a metabolism which grows and repairs the plant's structure. Within a city's arteries there is also a flow of materials, again changing form with exchanges of money, again forming a constant process of growth and repair.