Theodor Schwenk's 'Sensitive Chaos'

These images of trees juxtaposed with fluid vortices are taken from Theodor Schwenk's book 'Sensitive Chaos', first published in 1962, ahead of the developments in chaos theory which uses the same term. Schwenk's book is a comprehensive art/science hybrid in which he deals with the subject of flow from physical, biological, aesthetic and spiritual viewpoints.


"...water will always attempt to form an organic whole by joining what is divided and uniting it in circulation. It is not possible to speak of the beginning or end of a circulatory system; everything is inwardly connected and reciprocally related. Water is essentially the element of circulatory systems. If a living circulation is interrupted, a totality is broken into and the linear chain of cause and effect as an inorganic law is set into motion. The cycle through the solid, liquid and gaseous phases may be counted among the best known circulatory processes of water."